Studio Rocco & Associati is one of the most renowned business consultancy firms in Italy, the result of its time-tested experience in assisting clients during the most delicate phases of their business activity, particularly during extraordinary operations to grow and reorganise their companies. The firm’s ultimate aim is to provide professional, skilful and prompt assistance on an ongoing basis and according to the type and sector of the client’s business. It also assists companies and top management with the strategic management of extraordinary events that require specific skills for their practical execution. Last but not least, the firm seeks to establish long-term relationships with its clients that are based on mutual trust.

The firm currently plays a leading role as advisor in carrying out new business ventures involving major Italian and international financial institutions. The clients of Studio Rocco & Associati are largely comprised by medium and large Italian and international companies, as well as fast growing small businesses or companies that operate in highly profitable niche markets. Over the years, the firm has also developed expertise in assisting individuals with their managerial activity and/or investments inside and outside Italy, particularly in the ambit of international taxation.


Ordinary tax assistance

  • Preparation of opinions interpreting the application of complex tax laws
  • Assistance in relations with tax authorities
  • Representation and assistance in tax litigation
  • Updates and analysis of changes in tax law

Tax due diligence

  • Audits of the tax position of a specific company or group in order to ascertain the proper application of current tax laws, identify potential risks and liability, and provide assistance during correction/legal compliance in the event of any irregularities

Tax planning

  • Domestic and international tax planning in order to optimise the tax positions of clients and corporate groups, determination of the location of corporate structures and sustainability of methods in order to determine intercompany transfer prices
  • Planning and streamlining of individual tax liabilities, especially for top managers and executives belonging to multinational groups


The corporate consulting service aims to assist clients during all phases of the life of a company. These activities are broken down as follows:

  • Planning at the domestic and international levels to determine the most appropriate legal instruments for development of a business activity or individual commercial transaction
  • Ordinary corporate compliance (incorporation of company, proper management of corporate bodies)
  • Assistance with management of corporate governance
  • Contractual consulting;
  • Sales/acquisitions of businesses
  • Transfer/purchase of shares
  • M&A operations
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisation
  • Mergers, demergers, acquisitions, grants and business leases
  • Stock option plans


Administrative Area

  • Domicile of registered office and business correspondence address
  • Corporate record keeping
  • Compliance with corporate body operating formalities
  • Preparation of annual report and performance of related formalities

Accounting area

  • Planning and management of operating procedures governing record keeping in accordance with fair accounting standards
  • Study and application of plans of accounts that are appropriate for client needs
  • Audits
  • Periodic monitoring of economic and financial evolution of managed activities

Tax area

  • Support in relations with tax authorities
  • Tax auditing;
  • Preparation and transmission of annual tax returns
  • Compliance with other tax and social security obligations

*This service is provided with the support of the associated company Cerga Servizi Srl.


Financial consulting services are provide as part of a range of activities designed to streamline clients’ ordinary and extraordinary resources. These activities cover the following areas:

Ordinary finance

  • Co-ordination of investment of financial resources
  • Financial analysis

Extraordinary finance

  • Planning and development of extraordinary financing operations
  • Planning and development of financial operations supporting new business ventures or individual commercial transactions
  • Assessment of businesses or equity investments
  • Assistance with investments inside and outside Italy
  • Ordinary and extraordinary collective creditor actions: restructurings, divestments and liquidation

Financial support services**

The financial support services provided by our firm include the following activities:

  • Management of financial resources
  • Management of equity investments
  • Management of relations with credit and financial institutions
  • Co-ordination of investment operations

**These are provided by the associated company PVM Fiduciaria.

Area of Expertise


In view of providing its clients with an ever-greater array of services, the firm has developed significant, preferential relationships with expert professionals in complementary areas, including:


  • Ordinary business credit;
  • mortgage credit;
  • subsidised finance and government business grants;
  • private equity;
  • private banking;

Human Resources

  • Labour consultancy;
  • human resources management;
  • professional training;
  • recruitment and hiring;
  • temporary work;
  • top management training


  • Multi-disciplinary legal advice inside and outside Italy Business Strategy

Company strategy

  • Business strategy consultancy inside and outside Italy

Studio Rocco & Associati raws on a network of consultants and correspondents located in major international cities in order to provide its clients with global support.

The firm relies on a team of expert professional associates and highly qualified consultants with a multi-disciplinary approach. They are capable of addressing and resolving complex business, statutory, tax, legal and financial problems and can offer original solutions with high added value. This organisation is supported by two companies that are associated with the firm:

P.V.M. Fiduciaria Srl, for financial support services

P.V.M. Fiduciaria Srl has been operating since 1971 in the field of trust companies on behalf of its own clients, guaranteeing them absolute privacy. With assets of over Euro 500 million, comprised principally of equity investments, P.V.M. Fiduciaria Srl has historically worked with leading professional firms in Milan and is customarily used by prestigious clients. It also operates as underwriter for new business ventures.

Cerga Servizi Srl, for administrative and accounting services

Cerga Servizi Srl has been providing financial, administrative and accounting advice and support services since 1989.

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